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The Hyper Police HQ
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Hyper Police synopsis

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Hyper Police is a Late night Japanese T.V. series. More info will be avaliable shortly.

Hyper Police is set in a semi-post apocolyptic time. Beast creatures from lore have reappeared and now try to interact with normal humans. The Police forces has accepted help from privitized bounty hunters. Different Police buisnesses fight over the rewards for capturing wanted criminals. Few humans like the beast creatures, and they rarely interact. Humans are legally protected and it is a grave punishment if a human is hurt. Also, humans get perks, like government housing. This is the story of a Police buisness that employs many beast creatures as officers. Needless to say, the regular police forces don't like the extra competion. The MAD police, are the regular Police in Shinjiku, and consist of entirely humans and robots.


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